About Us

During my childhood, I started my passion with drawing the scenes and characters that I envisioned or dreamed of somewhere in my school notebook. After a while, I continued to use these drawings to create some animations on the edges of my notebooks until 1993. When I had my first personal computer in 1993, I started using Paint in Windows 3.1 then, with Corel and Photoshop, I literally switched to the digital world. After that time, I was focused on computer based drawing, but I never left  drawings on my notebooks behind. In 1999, I attended 19 Mayıs University Faculty of Fine Arts to improve my interest and talent.While studying in fine arts, I began to have full knowledge of graphic design, industrial design, photography and oil painting disciplines and when I graduated in 2003, I started to work in advertising agencies. At that time I wanted to learn not only the design but also printing press. So, I started to work in a printing press for 7 months. So I combined between these two talents to create amazing result for various companies including design agencies. Now I am continuing my passion in imagining, drawing and design but in my own company this time.


01Graphic Design

Logo design, Corporate Identity, Catalog-Brochure Design, Packaging Design.

02Web Design

Ui/Ux Design, Web Programming

033D Modelling

Product Modelling, Character Modelling, Interior Exterior Modelling


Character Design, Illustration, Storboard 

05Professional Photography

Industrial Photography, Virtual Tour and Panorama, Product and Food Photography


Video Editing


  • Aygün Cerrahi Aletler A.Ş.
  • Ulusoy un
  • Samsun Cerrahi Aletler
  • Selinay Helva
  • Cıngıro Nuts
  • Uludoğan Group
  • Dinçerler Grup
  • Sharpline
  • Güneş İlaçlama
  • Unay Un
  • Karadeniz Süt A.Ş.
  • Dağlıoğlu Plastik ve Pet Ambalaj

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